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Call Us Today!
(559) 226-2273


Fresno Golf Tournament north star

September 21, 2019

3rd Annual Fundraiser

Golf Tournament

Net proceeds to benefit North Star Family
Center program services, and support for
                                                         Mental Health awarness for Children,
                                                         Youth, and Homeless Children & Families

Learn from the past, apply to today, prepare for tomorrow

North Star Family Center is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation located in Fresno, California, serving the needs of children and their families in Central California. Our mission as a Foster Family Agency, licensed by the State of California, is to provide a safe, sensitive and healthy environment for abused and neglected children through appropriate placements with trained and dedicated families in partnership with social, health and economic services. We provide monthly reimbursements, professional training, weekly contact and 7 days/24 hour support. You can reach us at 559.226.2273 and by fax at 559.226.2127.  You can also contact us at our e-mail address:

A big thank you to Carmen George and the Fresno Bee for sharing our Cake4Kids partnership for our children.
Some of them never had a cake or a party before – their birthday just came and went – and they’ll ask, “Is this for me!? Really!?”
Mary Dela Torre, CEO of North Star Family Center, about children receiving their first birthday cake from Cake4Kids
To see them light up and smile when they receive a birthday cake – if we can do that, Cake4Kids has done its job.
Julie Eades, executive director of Cake4Kids
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    At North Star Family Center we provide professional services and a caring environment where the healing process begins. The money donated will help us provide school supplies, scholarships, recreational activities and family events. In advance, we appreciate the support of our community. Thank you!
    TO MARY DE LA TORRE, you've been The Best Agency Owner/CEO Ever! I had the privilege to work with you and the System for the last 7 yrs.. You made all the tough moments easier. I wouldn't have got past year 1 without Mary...that's how tough it can be to gleam happiness from Such Personal and Stressful efforts as, fostering children wit trauma put on them; trauma that may take a lifetime for them to "understand" Dulia Garcia/Foster Parent


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