Becoming An Adoptive Parent

In the California foster care system there are over 60,000 children with many of them available for adoption. Sadly, one in five children in foster care turn 18 and leave the system without a family.

Adopting through the foster care system substantially reduces the costs adopting parents usually pay for adoption and helps the children who need it most. North Star Adoption Services specializes in assisting families who wish to adopt through the foster care system and provides a waiting child with a loving, permanent family.

Families who adopt through North Star become approved foster and adoptive parents. Through our support process, families meet all legal and regulatory requirements to care for a child. In almost all cases, adoptive parents are expected to foster any potential child before an adoption placement is made.

North Star Resource Family Adoption Report

In addition to the foster parent requirements, adoptive families undergo a more detailed home evaluation.

Some information we gather includes—

  • Motivation
  • Personal and family background—including the applicant’s upbringing, education, marriage(s), life events, etc.
  • Personal Characteristics and Health History
  • Marital/Domestic Partnership History
  • Children/Adults Residing in the Home
  • Extended Family Relationships
  • Physical Home and Social Environment
  • Parenting Experience and/or General Parenting Understanding
  • Specialized Parenting Understanding
  • Adoption/Foster Care Issues